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About There’s A Monster In My Closet

Fantasy and reality collide in this eclectic and fun musical romp! Emily’s having a sleepover with her best friend Stephanie when they discover there’s a monster in her closet! To investigate further (despite the incessant teasing of her big brother and his friends), Emily and Stephanie recruit their friends — sarcastic and skeptical Kelly, vain Mary, studious Brain, tomboy Tara and avid reader Megan — to help capture the monster. What they don’t know is that Murray, the closet monster, doesn’t mean any harm. He only wants to play Emily’s new video game. He’s more scared of kids than they are of him! Murray is on probation since his boss, the Dream King, heard about his goofing off on the job. After all, every monster knows that when a child is born, a monster is assigned to watch over her — not play with her things! What happens when Emily has all her friends over for a slumber party to try to capture Murray? They end up catching the Dream King and his harried secretary, Toady, instead! With other wonderfully entertaining characters like Sandy the Sandman and his dream weavers, find out how friendship, ingenuity and a sprinkling of magic lead to a delightful solution to Emily’s monster problem!

Who We Are

Theatre is a force that can unite, uplift, teach, inspire, and heal!

For over 40 years, Center Stage Theatre has provided families and individuals the opportunity to experience something special together. Whether your passion is on or off stage, or your kids just wrangled you into a production, the time spent with family and friends is priceless. Center Stage Theatre proudly continues to give people the opportunity to experience the wonder that is theatre.

If you are new to Center Stage, Welcome! You will not be a stranger for long. Here at Center Stage we provide a community atmosphere, capitalizing on the talents of all. If you have never been on stage or you are a seasoned veteran, then Center Stage is the place to be. Center Stage is the only community theatre in the Kalamazoo area that invites everyone who auditions and is willing to make the time commitment into its large summer shows. With casts of over 100, the positive energy created is some of the best you will ever feel!

Community is at our core. Join us and create friendships that last a lifetime!

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    Finding opportunities for a young child was a challenge. I was so thrilled when I found Center Stage Theatre in the spring of 2013. He jumped at the chance to be in Seussical: The Musical. After a moving speech by Mr. Don Dillon, about what a wonderful experience it is to be in a show with your child, I auditioned too. He was right! The Center Stage family is an amazing group of people who tolerate my endless questions and my son’s bad days. (He has autism.) I pray we have many more years in the Center Stage family.


    Centre Stage Theatre has a great impact on the lives of its performers and the larger theatre community. Too many schools make theatre a painfully exclusive experience, available to only a handful of students. Centre Stage Theatre accepts everyone who auditions and allows anyone to gain theatrical experience. I performed my first musical via Centre Stage Theatre, found my best friend during a summer show, and helped rebuild another community theatre group based on what Centre Stage Theatre taught me. I will always be indebted.

    Marie Teitgen

    CST has become my home away from home. It doesn’t matter if I’m performing or helping behind the scenes I just feel so loved and welcomed by everyone. Since there’s no theater at my school and the only performing arts is band I’m so happy that I found a place to do what I love. I remember how I felt during my first show ever in Hairspray, I couldn’t wait to do it again! But, when I was given my first solo in Once Upon a Time I felt so much joy and I was so proud of myself. Though I haven’t done as many shows as some of the other people at CST it doesn’t matter, as soon as you walk through the doors at auditions you can tell there’s something special. Everyone becomes a family. Since I started doing shows at CST I’ve met so many interesting people. I love CST and everyone there so much! Break a leg guys!

    Maggie Jefferson
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